Led by Saffiere, who has been an artist for many years and whose concept for art for all was the driving force for the creation of the The Maidstone Art centre. Our ethos is to offer art and crafts to the whole community, in a welcoming and social setting. Everyone from complete novices to experienced artists, are welcome to come and enjoy the centre and our greatest wish is for our centre to feel like your “art home”

Our team work hard to ensure that every person who comes here feels welcome and wanted, we aim to nurture creativity and a sense of belonging, here at our centre.



Hannah Fulcher, a wonderful young local artist whose life paintings are incredible

Erin Bourne, a young local artist with a passion for art. Erin was responsible for the painting of “The Elephant” on the new mural for Maidstone Borough Council, which can be seen at the bus station in the town https://news.maidstone.gov.uk/home/news/2022/august/local-young-people-help-create-mural-at-maidstone-bus-station