No one likes rules, but for the safety and comfort of everyone, we have some simple requirements which we hope you can all understand and abide by.


The centre is keen to observe safe COVID practices and we ask all visitors to use the sanitising station at the door before entry. All visitor are required to sign in using the visitor book in the entrance. Adults should observe social distancing at all times. If any visitor is suffering from illness, we would ask they do not attend until they are well.

We would appreciate viewing your covid vaccination status and if an adult has not been vaccinated against COVID 19, we require you to wear a face covering inside our building, this is our centre policy.

The Centre is based within the busy working environment of a farm, farm shop and other businesses and with this in mind we would ask the following.

Please do not allow children to wander or run around the site.

On arrival, please use the parking spaces and do not obstruct the entrance to any of the businesses.

All children must be brought by an appropriate adult and brought into the centre and their arrival acknowledged by a member of staff. If parents wish to stay during classes, that is absolutely fine, but social distancing is required and masks by adults must be worn.

Please collect children promptly at the end of the class. If the gate is closed (usually after 5.30pm, it MUST be opened and then shut upon entering.

Please drive slowly through the site, there is a strict 5MPH speed limit and be aware that other vehicles use the site including plant machinery.

Whilst toilet facilities are available if absolutely urgent, we would ask that with regard to children, please ensure they use the toilet before arrival as the onsite toilets are not suitable for children.

Squash and plain biscuits will be provided to children so if your child has any allergies please ensure you inform us.

For adults, a water station is freely available but we also have a range of drinks and snacks available for purchase including specialist coffee, cake and snacks.available as sales of these items help us to keep our overheads lower and continue to offer low cost classes.

The Site is secure but we take no responsibility for vehicles parked or the contents of vehicles

All staff hold a current DRB certificate